col·o·phon: is fancy word for creatives to describe 'how this site was made'

This site has been ‘in the works’ for some time – and I (Aaron) will admit that I haven’t been keeping up with it at any regularity – I find myself working in fits and spurts with the motivation coming and going.

I often find myself getting lost in the technical details of the thing, rather then the actual building and creating of the thing.


I’m interested in fostering and participating in the technology that embraces principles around being Transparent, Minimalist, and Modular – something revolving around that of Unix, and FOSS '(Free and Open Source Software) principles. I am adverse to lock-in and centralized systems.

I like the ideas of the IndieWeb.


We are publishing on write.as, a minimal, distraction free blogging platform. Someday maybe we will get around to self-hosting our own instance with WriteFreely.